Reducing production costs and serving the Earth

ミューカンパニーリミテド 曝気装置 エアレーター等の排水処理装置や排ガス処理装置を主に扱っている会社です

Selling aeration devices for wastewater and exhaust gas cleaning devices
Outlines of our product are as follows.
Wastewater treatment  Exhaust gas treatment
Click here to read a document of our latest plant test on dust removal.
Our latest product information
Left: MU Green Reactor(MGR) 300 with 300m3/hr
Right: MU Aerator (MA) 125 with SUS316, with great heat resistance

Below are the movies of our products, MU Green Reactor and MU Scrubber, in operation.

At China (Shanghai) International Technology Fair held at April 24 to 26 in 2014