MU Aqua Tower(Under construction)


The MU Aqua Tower is an innovative water purification system that combines the waterfall principle with the mixing principle of the MU-SSPW (MU Static Spiral Perforated Wings).


  • Resistant to blockage caused by sliminess.
  • Large volume can be processed. (900 – 1,400 m3/hr)
  • No blower is required.
  • Negative ions can be produced.
  • Energy saving.


The question of “Why does a waterfall look white?” and the water flow falling freely in the MU-SSPW can be seen as white with gas and liquid as well as waterfall because it is finely granulated by the multi-layer division, rotation, confluence, inversion, and axial shear functions which are the mixing principle of the MU-SSPW. As the water flow becomes finer, the gas-liquid contact area between the gas and liquid increases, and the resulting gas-liquid mixed phase flow and bubble clusters become finer every time they pass through the multi-stage MU-SSPW, improving the dissolution efficiency of oxygen.


Several MU-SSPWs are arranged in a water purification tower, and raw water is supplied from the top of the tower by a circulating pump, and the atmosphere is sucked from the top and side of the tower by the falling energy of the raw water, and the raw water and the atmosphere are mixed in a parallel flow to dissolve oxygen, which can be used as a water purification device by the activated sludge method.


It can be made of PVC, PP, SUS, titanium, alloy and Al. Please contact us for details.