About us

Our company specializes in treating industrial exhaust gas and wastewater.

We invent MU-SSPW (MU Static Spiral Perforated Wings) ®, which is patented in six countries around the world, including Japan, the United States, China, EU, India and Singapore. In addition to its high performance, our compact and maintenance-free processing devices have been highly evaluated mainly in the industrial field.

We devote ourself to the improvement of the products, believing that our mission is to contribute to the preservation of the global environment by further expanding the achievements of the industrial sector to other fields.


Wastewater treatment products
JFE Steel, AGC, Nishikika Hangjin Technology(China), Former Sanuki Salt Industry, THAL (Philippines), Shin-Etsu Chemical,Tokyo Tama Ecocement Plant, and others
Wet-type exhaust gas treatment products
Shin-Etsu Chemical, Tokuyama, Nikon, Mitsubishi Electric Wire & Cable, ASM (Thailand), Sumitomo Chemical, Mitsubishi Chemical,Tokyo Rendering Association, Osaka High Protein Cooperative Association, Sumitomo Pharmaceuticals, Toho Titanium,JSR, Nichia Corporation, Osaka Titanium, and others
Static fluid mixer
FPCC (Taiwan), Shin-Etsu Chemical Industry, Tohoku University, Gifu University, Institute for Cosmic Ray Research, University of Tokyo, Nagoya University, and others



MU Aerator (MA-125, -25, -10)
  • Wastewater treatment device for steel mill
  • Aeration treatment device using activated sludge
MU Green Reactor (MGR)
  • LAND radiation device in ultra pure water for observing neutrino
  • Device for collecting water vapor of VOC containing Ca-based compounds in wastewater
MAH (MAH-25, 10 (upwards/downwards))
  • Device for treatment of mine wastewater
  • Aeration tank for treatment of domestic wastewater
MU Scrubber
  • Absorber of exhaust gas containing high concentration HCl gas
  • Device for absorbing and removing exhaust gas containing high concentration SiO2 and HCl
  • Exhaust gas treatment device in supplying SiCl4
  • Dust removing device for reducing medicine in exhaust gas
  • Dust removing device for exhaust gas containing A.D.U
  • Absorption and dust removal device in case of UF6 gas leakage
  • Absorption/Formation and H2 collection device in exhaust gas containing SiO2 and HCl
  • Deodorizing device of exhaust gas containing malodorous component
  • Device of treatment of exhaust gas treatment containing TiCl4 and HCl
  • Absorption device for H2S in COG
MU Eductor
  • Liquid-liquid stirring device for spherical reaction tank with 20 m in diameter
MU Mixer
  • Gas-liquid reaction device for organic compound and chlorine gas
    and many other applications